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Alec Dear: Midnight At The Crossroads

Midnight At The Crossroads is a 15-page excerpt from a book-length story that Matt Smith and I were developing in the late nineties/early aughts. Originally titled Alec Dear: Hell, we ultimately decided to scrap the project, I believe because Matt was suffering from Technical-Pen-Induced Insanity Rage. Hell was to be our full-length sequel to Through The Wood, Beneath The Moon, where we’d get to see our hero Alec Dear challenge the Devil at the crossroads, with a headbanger’s soul hanging in the balance. (more…)

Gigposters Volume 2 (2011)

I have two pages of artwork in this lovely and imposing book by super-cool Canadian person Clay Hayes. 11×14″ inches of rock mixed with 208 pages of roll published by Quirk Books. The work I’ve got featured: The New Pornographers (full page), Mission Of Burma, Farm Aid 2006, Melvins, and Stereolab. Some of the original prints are for sale on ETSY (except the Farm Aid one). It’s a great cross-section of artists working in a bunch of different styles. I recommend it (& Volume One, too!).

You can order either volume directly from Clay on the gigposters site, as well as peruse the overwhelming list of fantastically talented contributors.

REVIEWS: Famous Fighters

This unusual comic is a compendium of nearly 10 years worth of goofy comics initially drawn by two friends just to amuse themselves, but now published to hopefully amuse others as well. Their single most successful creation is the Conan the Barbarian parody called “Barbarian Lord” . One-page “Barbarian Lord” episodes recur periodically throughout this issue, giving the reader sufficient time to adjust to its comedic weirdness. Each episode finds Barbarian Lord typically confronted by some blustery foe whose bravado is unmercifully dispatched by Barbarian Lord’s fist, sword, or battleaxe. Each slaying is then followed by a single-panel feature entitled “Poetry of Barbarian Lord”, wherein BL offers a tersely worded, haiku-like account of some past atrocity. (more…)


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Famous Fighters (2006)

FAMOUS FIGHTERS is 52 pages of evil-fighting mayhem! Incredibly stupid! Culled from the past 10 or 15 years of dumb collaboration between Tom Pappalardo and Matt Smith. Here’s your chance to meet some zombies, a poetic barbarian, a couple of headbangers, and Satan playing Pong. Don’t forget some kung-fu masters, a cowboy and his monkey, and a kid with a big fat head. Sweet! (more…)