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The Optimist: A Brief Look Back At 2011

A lot of webcomic people write little meta comments to go along with each comic they post. I don’t really like doing (or reading) that, because I find it to be distracting. I like the strips to stand on their own—without backstory, explanation, or commentary—at least at the time of publication. But now there’s this blog post, so I dunno. Here are some corrections and comments and whatevers for the last year’s worth of The Optimist comic strips (excluding typos, which are thankfully caught by the intrepid editors at The Valley Advocate before the strips hit the presses). SEE YOU IN HELL, 2011. (more…)

Northampton Bike Path, Oct 29 Snowstorm

An unprecedented October snow storm hit parts of New England over the weekend. Heavy, wet snow falling on branches that hadn’t yet lost their leaves brought down lots of limbs and whole trees. These are a few photos of the Norwottuck Rail Trail section of the Northampton bike path (heading towards Stop & Shop on King Street) taken the next morning. This is a straight section of the path where you can normally see about a quarter of a mile ahead of you. (more…)

FAILURE, INCOMPETENCE (comic book trailer, 2011)

Here’s a little book trailer for Failure, Incompetence: Aborted Jokes and Abandoned Stories, 1995-2005, a book I released in 2005 and let quickly fall out of print for uninteresting reasons. Well, now it’s 2011 and she’s back in circulation! Wooo!! (more…)