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“Let’s print our bullshit on a hunk of plastic!”

This is the third or fourth Xfinity/Comcast junk mailer I’ve received that includes a fake credit/gift card, which seems to exist solely to make people open the envelope. It’s either A. tricking recipients into thinking there’s a real card in there, or B. causing them to open it simply to recycle the card. What a bunch of wasteful, cynical, unimaginative shitheads.

comcast xfinity

Catch QR Code FEVER!

“Who needs old-fashioned photographs of actual products for sale when we can have high-tech thingamabobs most people don’t understand or want to use?” — A client with a bad idea and an ad guy unwilling to tell him how bad it really is.
(photo: Tom M.)

(Side note: What exactly makes “brandfon” easy to remember? I’d think having a dealership named “brandfon” in the town of Branford would make it much much harder to remember.)

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Stupid Ads For Idiots

Have you ever noticed how hard it is for advertisers to convincingly push their products on consumers? It’s usually because, upon the slightest bit of reflection, the product is revealed to be rather pointless. It’s so pointless, in fact, that advertisers will go to great lengths of entertainment to disguise the fact that the latest feature/advancement/innovation isn’t really worth mentioning in the first place. “New” is almost never new, and sometimes “improved” is just the old product repackaged. Let’s take a look at two random ads because I’m bored and it’s late and I’m typing. Continue reading

A Great Ad: MTV Balloons

I ran across this clever-as-hell MTV ad a few months ago. Not only is the execution great, but including the cutaway of the execution just puts it over the top.

A couple of days ago, the production company (ParanoidBR) released a little ‘making of’:

Bullock’s Buttocks

“The Blind Side”? More like “The Back Side” KNOWWHATI’MSAYIN Please note that Sandra Bullock’s butt is at the exact center of the ad layout. The photo is taken at butt-level. Remember that these layout choices do not happen by accident.