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Random Internet Things From The Internet 50

A collection of miscellaneous crap err, interesting things to look at that I have lovingly and carefully curated for your enjoyment. (more…)

I Went And Updated The Ol’ Showreel

The Standard Design motion graphics showreel gets a long-overdue update. Watch it full screen! Be amazed! Listen to a remix of a Beastie Boys remix! Check out the Animation & Cartoon Work page on my portfolio site for a couple more new HD clips.

Random Internet Things From The Internet 42

A recurring feature in which I present a collection of miscellaneous crap err, interesting things to look at that I have lovingly and carefully curated for your enjoyment. For some of these entries, I may have spent upwards of two minutes cutting and pasting a URL and possibly included a sentence to accompany it. I hope you appreciate my Herculean efforts. (more…)

The Demographic: The Headliner video

Now that The Demographic’s new video for “The Headliner” is finally done, I’ll briefly review some of the technical aspects of the production. I’ve had this project floating around unfinished in the background of my to-do lists since… oh Christ, May, I think? So though I am extremely proud of it, I’m also quite prepared to archive it and stop thinking about it for forever. (more…)

Animation: Demographic video

Working on some animation bits for the next video from The Demographic. I have no idea how real fancy animators animate in their real fancy animation programs, but I move around Illustrator layers in After Effects. It requires a bit of thinkin’ when it comes to slicing up a drawing into layers. Understanding what is in front of what, how much over-drawing needs to occur, etc. Here are a few screencaps from my Sunday morning/afternoon work: (more…)

Fantastic animation: Chick

The character design, sound design, execution… overall, just plain old run-of-the-mill excellence.

Net Neutrality animation

Here’s an animation I made for Free Press. I did all the character design (Adobe Illustrator) & animating (After Effects CS5). The animation is also featured in this Huffington Post article.

Remember: Segways = Fat Cats.

Broken Lines Book Trailer

Here’s a promo video I whipped up for my graphic novel Broken Lines. Since you probably haven’t heard of Broken Lines, clearly this must be a terrible promotional idea.

Music Videos I Think Are Really Nice

MUSE – KNIGHTS OF CYDONIA (2006)Directed by Joseph Kahn – Cowboys, kung-fu, sci-fi, 60s/70s execution. Superimposed hawks. A chrome-bikini-clad woman on a unicorn with a magical CD. Dirtbikes. Droids. Band-as-hologram. This thing is amazing. It’s not too often I see a music video and actually get jealous that I didn’t make it. There is an uncensored version on the director’s website, but honestly his site has to much Flash-wankery for me to bother with.

PETER, BJORN & JOHN – YOUNG FOLKS (2006) – Directed by Ted Malmros – This video successfully compliments the song. Which, you know, should be the goal of all video makers, but most sorta miss the mark. But this works. It’s cute and eye-catching and plain ol’ apt. It fits, damn it. I think the limited animation approach mostly succeeds, though there a few times I feel like they’re rehashing the same clips a few too many times. The art style itself is great. Simple, clean, good color palette.

GORILLAZ – CLINT EASTWOOD (2001)Art by JC Hewlett – Christ, I think I could put the Gorillaz in like, every category I’ve made here. They’re just awesome. Most everything they release is just so goddamned quality. But it all started with this video (maybe. I think. Right? I’m no goddamned Gorillaz historian.) and I think it still stands as one of the best animated videos I’ve ever seen. I mean, I’m still in love with the song, too. So that sure don’t hurt.

Film & TV Titles That I Think Are Really Nice

SIX FEET UNDER (2001-2005)Digital Kitchen, music by Whatsisname Newman – I love this sequence. I think it should so obviously be on this list of Really Nice Things, it almost seems like I should exclude itdue to its obviousity, know what I mean? Great music, great editingcuts to the music, great imagery, great execution. Some of it could have come out corny (time lapse of flowers dying? Come ON!) but they pulled it off. It’s pretty great. Watch the sequence & stuff from the DVD.

THANK YOU FOR SMOKING (2006)Shadowplay Studios- Awesome. I assume it was done in After Effects, and it’s top-notch.No bullshit preset animation crap, no dumb effects, just good graphicdesign and typography, sliced up and animated in a classy way. Therecreation of some of the packaging must have been a ball-buster, andit completely paid off. It rocks. Watch the sequence.

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (2002)Nexus Productions, I think. – I liked this but didn’t love it.The animation technique was nice, the colors were nice, the overallgraphic treatment was nice. The extended lines off of the type(Helvetica or Coolvetica or whatever the hell it is) really didn’t doit for me at all, which is tough nuts for me because the whole sequenceis built around the gimmick. It all plays very well with the JohnWilliams score. It’s totally like, tons better than most crap movietitles, don’t get me wrong. I mean, it’s on this extremely importantwebpage, right? I mean, I made the effort. Watch it on the YouTube.