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Portfolio Overflow: Some Posters I’ve Made

Being a graphic designer/illustrator can be funny sometimes. You make work you really like and/or are proud of, so you show it off on your portfolio site. You (hopefully rarely) make work that embarrasses the hell out of you and you bury it in a deep hole somewhere. And then you have work that you think is pretty okay, but it falls into the netherworld in between: not nearly bad enough for the hole, but who wants an over-cluttered portfolio? Not me, man. (more…)

Art of Modern Rock (2004)

My Rancid poster was chosen for inclusion in The Art of Modern Rock.If you look way, way in the back of the book, there’s a teeny tinylittle rectangle that’s a reproduction of a rock poster. See it? Right belowthat one is mine. I’m so effin’ proud.