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New Effect Pedal Setup

Telecaster > Dunlap Volume pedal > Dunlop Crybaby (Brimfield junk booth for $10!) > TU-3 tuner (from Novamusik) > Sovtek Big Muff (beat to heck; a leftover from my bass playing days that makes me sound like a crappy J. Mascis) > Boss Space Echo (a superior echo pedal; allows for stereo output; also from Novamusik) > a bunch of sticky Velcro strips from the hardware store > hunk of kitchen cabinet > a One Spot Multi-Plug 5 Cable splitter > Boss PSA120S power supply.

No-Shadow Kick: Basement Make-Out Party (1999)

Now available on bandcamp as a free/name-your-own-price download, my old band’s debut CD. We wrote it, we recorded it, we put it out, it got some mixed reviews, and then nothing happened – a victim of fierce under-promotion and a dreaded proclivity towards shooting ourselves in our collective feet commercially. But now, twelve years later, it has risen again to sate your music consumption desires. Here’s my critical assessment and fond recollections of this fantastic landmark Completely Non-Remastered 12th Anniversary Internet Edition: (more…)