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Paint & Pixel 2012


INTERVIEW: Hampshire Life

Here’s a nice little profile in that Hampshire Life insert that comes in the Friday Hampshire Gazette. You know the one. I had a very pleasant phone interview/chat with Margot Cleary, who writes the HOMEmade column. We talked about the Hello, Darkness print and them TIMBERRR! critters I’ve been making. Anyway, read it with your eyes.

Local Stuff!

Quite a bit of my graphic design work is for national clients & faraway clients I meet online, but I also like to keep my designing hand in the local scene. Here’s some work I’ve done for a bunch of great local independent Northampton/western Massachusetts businesses in the latter half of 2011. They are my Pioneer Valley homies, and I love working with ‘em, and I love their products/places/causes. I believe the kids today call this a “shout-at.” Major propellers and shout-ats to the 413, you-all! (more…)

My Favorite Coffee Mugs

Every now and again, I enjoy myself a pleasant cup of coffee, or perhaps an occasional hot chocolate, or maybe even a seasonal cup-o-tea or two. These beverages are best served inside ceramic containers which will protect one’s hands from exposure to high temperatures while keeping the liquid held within hot. And hopefully they will also be entertaining to look at in some sort of ironic or stupid or fun way. I call these beverage vessels “coffee mugs,” a phrase I coined some years ago – perhaps you have heard of them? Here are a few of my favorites, mostly tag sale finds, poorly photographed for your enjoyment. Have a squint! (more…)

Alternate Uses For an Alternative Paper

A full page comic for the 35th anniversary issue of the Valley Advocate, Sept. 2008. Click to see full size. (more…)

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend coffee art print

This 2-color 10×20 screen print (plus sticker) is for sale on ETSY. If you’re a local (western Massachusetts) and would like to bypass shipping costs, this print is also available at the brick-and-mortar FOE store on Main Street in Northampton. (more…)

ART EXHIBITION – Beans & Screens, Durham, NC (2008)

The press release: Mugshots Coffeehouse is organizing a coffee-infused art show in Philadelphia for June. Mugshots (and Independents Coffee Cooperative – Independents Coffee Cooperative)will be working collectively to raise $16,000 for the Peruvian farmers who grow the coffee sold as our house coffee (Independents Peruvian Select). The farmers are undertaking an ambitious project to build a solar powered drying facility (to dry the beans after they are harvested). This will allow for the farmers to improve both the quality and quantity of the coffee they grow, by protecting it from the frequent rains in the region.

Misc. office photos (2008)

WFCR Coffee Mug (2007)

2-color coffee mug chosen as the 2007 “Art Mug” for WFCR‘s annual fundraiser. It is one of the gifts given during their thrice-annual fund drive. Click to see the full design.