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A Message About My Comics

After five years of stripping in The Valley Advocate, I’ve decided to quit the weekly comic routine in early May. It’s been a rare and wonderful experience to be a paid, independent, in-print cartoonist in this day and age. I thank the Advocate very much for the opportunity. I’ve had a good run. (more…)

The Optimist: A Brief Look Back at 2012

2012 saw the start of a few exciting (to me) things for The Optimist, including new recurring characters, a new panel layout, and this website’s switchover to a new branding/format (the short-lived FICTIONAL COMICS, followed recently by a switch to THE SEQUENTIALIST). Anyhoo, here are some corrections and comments and mea culp-whatevers for a selection of comic strips from last year.


Letter To The Editor

I am disappointed (and frankly appalled) that in this day and age, your puritanical editorial tendencies would cause you to “creatively edit” today’s Family Circus with an “accidental” ink smear. (more…)

Paint & Pixel 2012


My Portable Cartoonist Mess-Making Toolbox

These are the contents of my coffeeshop comic-drawing box (more…)

REVIEWS: The Optimist

Reviews of my comic strip, The Optimist. Updated May, 2012. (more…)

25 Links I Haven’t Looked At Yet

When I find things online that I like & I think they’re worth sharing, I usually collect ‘em into installments of Random Internet Things From The Internet, but due to busy days and an effort to limit my Unfocused Internet Perusing, I’ve ended up with a backlog of stuff to look at. So, in a similar vein to 50 Books I Haven’t Read Yet, here’s a bunch of stuff that seems potentially interesting, but I haven’t actually watched/read/downloaded any of them yet. I encourage you to look at this junk and tell me if it’s worth my time. Ho-ho. (more…)

A Selection Of Recent Print Work

Oh, the jet-set life of the self-employed! I’ve been keeping busy and hustlin’ to pay off our recent house remodeling project. On the multimedia front, there’s been a bunch of animation work and even some audio/radio work, but I’m not posting any of that because I’m lazy. Instead, here are a few of the freelance print projects I’ve been working on for the last few months. (more…)

Polishing A Turd

I was just poking through a folder of already-published Optimist comic art and saw the file for this strip from January. I remembered what a mess the artwork was & how much Photoshop-futzing around I ended up having to do to get it where I wanted it to be. Sometimes I carve up and edit my sloppy pen work so much I wonder why I bother drawing on paper at all. AND SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE. I’ve decided to show you my Photoshop clean-up process via animated GIF to confirm your suspicions that I’m a no-talent slob. (more…)

How To Draw Comics

Childhood Embarrassment Week concludes with this boldly authoritative guide to creating comics, circa 1986 or so. You might have other thoughts on comicking, but you’re probably wrong. At least according to this kid, who clearly has it all figured out. (more…)