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25 Links I Haven’t Looked At Yet

When I find things online that I like & I think they’re worth sharing, I usually collect ’em into installments of Random Internet Things From The Internet, but due to busy days and an effort to limit my Unfocused Internet Perusing, I’ve ended up with a backlog of stuff to look at. So, in a similar vein to 50 Books I Haven’t Read Yet, here’s a bunch of stuff that seems potentially interesting, but I haven’t actually watched/read/downloaded any of them yet. I encourage you to look at this junk and tell me if it’s worth my time. Ho-ho. Continue reading


I have very recently finished “THAT IS ALL,” the third and final book of COMPLETE WORLD KNOWLEDGE by Massachusetts native Mister John Hodgman. Having read the series almost in its entirety (excluding the hobo name list, because at the time I WAS JUST NOT IN THE MOOD), I am now probably like, 98% knowledgeable in COMPLETE WORLDLY FAKE TRIVIA. Well, except I forget stuff pretty easily. DO NOT QUIZ ME. Continue reading

Quotes, Part One

I’ve always been a quote-collector. I’ve carried around many a pocket-sized notebook over the years, and scattered throughout their pages (between the to-do lists and the indecipherable scribbles of comic ideas) are little smarty word gems by little smart wordy people. Some of them I copy down to maybe use in Broken Lines or in an Optimist strip, but most I copy down simply in hope of remembering them for a little while. There are some good ones on writing, a few make me laugh, and others just sound cool in an awesome-metal-song sorta way. Anyway, they’re just gathering dust over here, so I might as well dump ’em all into one post. I’ve got plenty more; this is just me sifting through the latest handful of notebooks. Continue reading