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25 Links I Haven’t Looked At Yet

When I find things online that I like & I think they’re worth sharing, I usually collect ’em into installments of Random Internet Things From The Internet, but due to busy days and an effort to limit my Unfocused Internet Perusing, I’ve ended up with a backlog of stuff to look at. So, in a similar vein to 50 Books I Haven’t Read Yet, here’s a bunch of stuff that seems potentially interesting, but I haven’t actually watched/read/downloaded any of them yet. I encourage you to look at this junk and tell me if it’s worth my time. Ho-ho. Continue reading

Quotes, Part One

I’ve always been a quote-collector. I’ve carried around many a pocket-sized notebook over the years, and scattered throughout their pages (between the to-do lists and the indecipherable scribbles of comic ideas) are little smarty word gems by little smart wordy people. Some of them I copy down to maybe use in Broken Lines or in an Optimist strip, but most I copy down simply in hope of remembering them for a little while. There are some good ones on writing, a few make me laugh, and others just sound cool in an awesome-metal-song sorta way. Anyway, they’re just gathering dust over here, so I might as well dump ’em all into one post. I’ve got plenty more; this is just me sifting through the latest handful of notebooks. Continue reading