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Radio Radio

Sighted in one of the antique/junk shops on Market Street, Northampton, Massachusetts: A National NC-190 Radio Receiver. Quite possibly one of the loveliest pieces of electronic design I’ve ever laid eyes and hands upon. Those knobs are like candy.

From the early ’60s, built in Malden, Mass.

Stunt Design

There’s an insidious monster whispering in the ears of amateur illustrators and designers, haunting Twitter feeds and blogs and tumblrs across the web. It isn’t an art movement or anything, it’s an internet trend. I have come to refer to it in my head as Stunt Design.

Stunt Design, n. The phenomenon of designers & illustrators creating gimmicky graphics purely in the hopes of ‘going viral’ on pop culture/arts blogs. Continue reading

Gigposters Volume 2 (2011)

I have two pages of artwork in this lovely and imposing book by super-cool Canadian person Clay Hayes. 11×14″ inches of rock mixed with 208 pages of roll published by Quirk Books. The work I’ve got featured: The New Pornographers (full page), Mission Of Burma, Farm Aid 2006, Melvins, and Stereolab. Some of the original prints are for sale on ETSY (except the Farm Aid one). It’s a great cross-section of artists working in a bunch of different styles. I recommend it (& Volume One, too!).

You can order either volume directly from Clay on the gigposters site, as well as peruse the overwhelming list of fantastically talented contributors.

Cartooning vs. Technology: How Steve Jobs Ruined Comics

Cartooning is, to me, an art form of simplification. The artist uses a minimal amount of lines to communicate characters and place to a reader. Mouths are often oddly-shaped black holes. Cartoon evolution often does away with lips, body hair, elbows. Eyebrows are reduced to lines. Eyes become dots. A background might be a line indicating where the floor and wall meet. Maybe a squiggle of distant trees, or a cloud. Maybe just a flat field of color. Continue reading

Nice Local Poster

A nice local gig poster I just grabbed off a wall. This 2-color screenprint for Purity Supreme—some goddamned dance party thing I would otherwise not care about at all—is pretty rad. So here I am telling you about it on the Internet. The power of advertising!

(Extra points for re-appropriating the old Purity Supreme logo)

Don’t know the artist, but good job!

Covering Acme Novelty Library #1

I recently did a piece for Covered, a blog where artists reinterpret classic/favorite/random comic covers of the past. I chose Chris Ware’s Acme Novelty Library #1, because I figured it would be incredibly daunting. It was.

Check out Covered to see it side by side with the original, leave a mean-spirited comment, and check out some of the other awesome re-dos there.

Industrial Design That I Think Is Really Nice

THE TOYOTA YARIS LIFTBACK (2007-2008)– Of all the great car designs in the world I could talk about, I choose this little fella. Because every time I see one on the street,I am struck by just how dang NICE they are. The proportions, the styling, the hefty stance. They are like fat little shiny burritos. I want a black one, no rear spoiler thing, no plastic wheel covers-just black steel rims.
As a side note, let me say that this car was introduced with one of the worst ad campaigns I’d ever seen.The computer-generated bullshit that filled my TV screen the first couple years these were out made me so angry I literally was unable to see the car.

SHURON RONSIR ZYL EYEGLASS FRAMES -These classic-ass frames have been around for a long long time(according to the manufacturer’s site, they sold their 16 millionth pair in 1971). They are apparently pronounced “zill”. I searched for quite awhile before finally finding these babies, and now they are mine. Buy some; Look like me.

Packaging That I Think Is Really Nice

KNOB CREEK– I don’t like whiskey. But I like this bottle, goddamnit. Nice type,nice color palette. One of the sharper looking labels at the liquor store.

SIMPLY ORANGE JUICE– I don’t claim this is the flashiest package design in the world, but it’s certainly the nicest orange juice container when compared to all the other orange juice containers. There’s some nice solid typography going on on this little juicy bastard. IT CAUGHT MY EYE, OKAY???

DORITOS X-13D CHIPS– Putting aside the whole hamburger-flavored chip conversation for a sec, I’d just like to say that I like this bag. It makes me laugh. If Iwas about to board an extremely top-secret military aircraft while wearing an experimental spacesuit, then I would expect a seriously lab-coated woman holding a clipboard to hand me this as an in-flight snack.