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$7 Toy Guitar from Savers

Random Internet Things From The Internet 50

A collection of miscellaneous crap err, interesting things to look at that I have lovingly and carefully curated for your enjoyment. (more…)

Quotes, Part Two

I’ve always been a quote-collector. Scribblin’ ‘em down, trying to figure out if they are useable in any way, inevitably doing nothing but cutting & pasting them into WordPress. I gathered a batch together for a blog post last year, and it appears that I’ve backlogged another big pile of ‘em. So here they are. Read them.

First Bass

My first bass guitar: No-name unfinished P-bass body, bought freshman year of high school (1988?) from a senior! Terrible pickups (electronics are long gone in this photo), terrible neck, terrible machine heads, and I used to cut myself on the silly-ass dumb metal things I decided to glue to the body. (more…)

New Effect Pedal Setup

Telecaster > Dunlap Volume pedal > Dunlop Crybaby (Brimfield junk booth for $10!) > TU-3 tuner (from Novamusik) > Sovtek Big Muff (beat to heck; a leftover from my bass playing days that makes me sound like a crappy J. Mascis) > Boss Space Echo (a superior echo pedal; allows for stereo output; also from Novamusik) > a bunch of sticky Velcro strips from the hardware store > hunk of kitchen cabinet > a One Spot Multi-Plug 5 Cable splitter > Boss PSA120S power supply.

The Demographic: Reducer video

I’m pleased to unveil the first official video from The Demographic, my band with Sturgis Cunningham. It’s a track off our debut EP and it’s called Reducer. Don protective eye wear and behold ‘er:


Mexican Tele & Aria Pro II

My old dog-chewed ’79 (?) Aria Pro II PE 450 and my new ’07 Mexican Fender Telecaster.

Oh, that’s pretty right there.

Millennium Falcon guitar

Here is a failed ‘art project’ that I’ve carried around with me since before Nevermind came out (Yes, that is how I delineate eras in my life. The release of Nevermind, along with 9/11 and when I finally bought a cellphone.) It’s just an old guitar neck jammed onto my painted-up Millennium Falcon. No strings, tuning pegs, or bridge, but I’ve always sort of liked it anyway. Looks good hanging down in the basement rehearsal room, and visiting plumbers and electricians like taking pictures of it with their cameraphones. I feel that the generous layer of dust makes it look even better.

UPDATE JULY 2010: If Google brought you here, you’re probably looking for the rad-ass playable Millennium Falcon guitar on MAKE