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Alec Dear: Midnight At The Crossroads

Midnight At The Crossroads is a 15-page excerpt from a book-length story that Matt Smith and I were developing in the late nineties/early aughts. Originally titled Alec Dear: Hell, we ultimately decided to scrap the project, I believe because Matt was suffering from Technical-Pen-Induced Insanity Rage. Hell was to be our full-length sequel to Through The Wood, Beneath The Moon, where we’d get to see our hero Alec Dear challenge the Devil at the crossroads, with a headbanger’s soul hanging in the balance. Continue reading


Here’s a two-page comic/story monster tale that appeared in the Styles section of the Boston Phoenix a-ways back in October, 1996. It’s a story I wrote in college and it’s illustrated by the ever-talented Mister Reusch, who 100% nails the mood. I’ve always liked it. It’s got good tempo and a good payoff. Apparently, I used to know how to write. HO HO HO. Continue reading

Zombie Uprising!

Zombie Uprising is a four-page comic Matt Smith and I pulled together as a new story to include in our semi-retrospective collab/collection FAMOUS FIGHTERS (out of print) back in 2005/2006. It’s not quite a zombie parody, but it isn’t quite an homage, either. It’s just sort of… a dumb thing with a bunch of cool-looking zombies in it. I’m pleased to introduce the first-time reader to this Brief Saga Of Jaysun And Garry: Continue reading