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House, Part Seven: Stuff I’m Working On

I guess I started this blog post in June and then forgot to finish it when I switched from Watching-Other-People-Work-On-The-House mode to Christ-Almighty-Tom-Work-On-The-Goddamned-House mode. Anyway, Here’s some stuff, June-Oct. (more…)

House, Part Six: The Part Where It Looks More Like A House

Apparently I forgot to offer any house remodeling updates for a full month. Whoopsmybad. I apologize to the three people reading this. Lots of stuff has happened. Look, mira, look. (more…)

House, Part Five: Progress

Lots of advancement on many different fronts. Windows! Dormer! Shingles! Some trim work! Had a big powwow with the electrician today to suss out the lighting/switch situation in the kitchen. Plumber this week? WHO CAN REALLY SAY. The process is moving along very smoothly, and has also proven to be very educational, as I am being constantly reminded of the half-assed job I’ve done on the rest of the house. Haw haw haw. (more…)

House, Part Four: Framing

This is the fast loud stuff. Things are taking shape at a fantastically satisfying rate of speed, aided in no doubt by the excellent bit of weather we’ve been having. Jeff Gougeon & crew are kicking butt. (more…)

House, Part Three: Foundation and Floor

Progress is being made. Stuff has been removed and now stuff is being built. It’s very drafty in the rest of the house. Brrr. THINGS ARE GETTING LOUDER NOW. (more…)

“No Unpleasant Aftertaste”

Rolled up issues of The Springfield Union, from June and July of 1951. We pulled them out of the walls of my former kitchen after it got demolished last week. Most were water damaged or possibly covered with mouse poop, so I took a few photos and trashed ‘em. There are a few good Communist era headlines, some local stuff, and a couple of good ads. LOOKY-LOO…

House, Part Two: Demolition

Today was Crunch Day. Jeff Gougeon and the guys from Clark’s Excavating did an awesome job. Cliff swung that Hyundai’s claw around with dexterity and finesse. I didn’t do a damned thing, but I’m exhausted. See photos…

House, Part One: Background, Plan, and Prep

Well, we here at Standard Design Northeast Regional Headquarters, aka my house, are preparing for a big home renovation. We’ve lived in this house for ten years, and are finally getting around to knocking down the terrible quasi-kitchen on the rear of the house in order to build a new actual-kitchen and a second floor master bedroom. (more…)