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Radio Radio

Sighted in one of the antique/junk shops on Market Street, Northampton, Massachusetts: A National NC-190 Radio Receiver. Quite possibly one of the loveliest pieces of electronic design I’ve ever laid eyes and hands upon. Those knobs are like candy.

From the early ’60s, built in Malden, Mass.

Cartooning vs. Technology: How Steve Jobs Ruined Comics

Cartooning is, to me, an art form of simplification. The artist uses a minimal amount of lines to communicate characters and place to a reader. Mouths are often oddly-shaped black holes. Cartoon evolution often does away with lips, body hair, elbows. Eyebrows are reduced to lines. Eyes become dots. A background might be a line indicating where the floor and wall meet. Maybe a squiggle of distant trees, or a cloud. Maybe just a flat field of color. Continue reading