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Boston Marathon Bombing: Tragedy Merch

After a terrible event like the Boston Marathon bombing, certain things are sure to occur:
1. People want to help by purchasing or selling things. We, as Americans, generally like to express ourselves through consumerism.
2. People want to display their grief/solidarity/regional pride.
3. People will generate merchandise at an incredible rate in order to fill the demand, quality be damned.
Now, some of the items below might have their proceeds donated to charity (like One Fund, for instance), which I think is awesome. I’m not delving into the motivation behind these items (though I figure some are more noble than others). I just want to look at ’em for a sec. The internet and print-on-demand allows for entire product lines to be created with just a few clicks. I think occasionally, we should pause and take a look at what’s being pumped out. Continue reading

Stunt Design

There’s an insidious monster whispering in the ears of amateur illustrators and designers, haunting Twitter feeds and blogs and tumblrs across the web. It isn’t an art movement or anything, it’s an internet trend. I have come to refer to it in my head as Stunt Design.

Stunt Design, n. The phenomenon of designers & illustrators creating gimmicky graphics purely in the hopes of ‘going viral’ on pop culture/arts blogs. Continue reading

Addendum: Cartooning vs. Technology

How was your weekend? After a tumultuous week of computer woes, I ended up having a real cool time selling stuff and meeting people at MICE Expo in Boston on Saturday. And while all that bad+good was happening in the foreground, my blog post Cartooning Vs. Technology received a relative shitload of Internet attention in the background. A few readers failed to understand that there was a fair amount of jokes ‘n’ sarcasm in there, and they’ve responded with a rich tapestry of replies to statements I didn’t make and helpful advice I didn’t ask for. Fortunately, the majority of people just thought it was a funny post (I think I like them better). Here are some of the sites that have reposted/aggregated it, in case you’ve already scrolled through the weird comments on the post itself and crave more: Continue reading

Cartooning vs. Technology: How Steve Jobs Ruined Comics

Cartooning is, to me, an art form of simplification. The artist uses a minimal amount of lines to communicate characters and place to a reader. Mouths are often oddly-shaped black holes. Cartoon evolution often does away with lips, body hair, elbows. Eyebrows are reduced to lines. Eyes become dots. A background might be a line indicating where the floor and wall meet. Maybe a squiggle of distant trees, or a cloud. Maybe just a flat field of color. Continue reading