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The New JCPenney Rebranding Is Not Completely Terrible

JCPenney! Does anyone give a shit? Not sure I do, but I wrote a blog post about ‘em anyway! They’ve retooled, rebranded, spent a lot of ad dollars, and issued a bunch of press releases about how fresh and bold they are now. How’d they make out? THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY: (more…)

Local Stuff!

Quite a bit of my graphic design work is for national clients & faraway clients I meet online, but I also like to keep my designing hand in the local scene. Here’s some work I’ve done for a bunch of great local independent Northampton/western Massachusetts businesses in the latter half of 2011. They are my Pioneer Valley homies, and I love working with ‘em, and I love their products/places/causes. I believe the kids today call this a “shout-at.” Major propellers and shout-ats to the 413, you-all! (more…)

Turn It Up?

I’ve gotten a few random comments from New Englanders that a Foxwoods Casino promotion had lifted/ripped off/whatever my logo for Turn It Up CDs. I saw it and kind of get their point, but I’m still a little on the fence about it. I am either offended or complimented or it’s just coincidence. Not sure. It’s pretty easy to find similarities in almost anything. Sort of like numerology. Ho ho ho! Anyway, here are some screen grabs of the Foxwoods graphics (more…)