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Three Upcoming Things

1. DESIGN: I will be giving a little presentation at FOE Gallery in Northampton on Sept 26th. Topics to be discussed: Graphic design, writers, funny TV shows, musicians, people who jam econo.

2. COMICS: I will be selling comics and whatnot at the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo 2013 in Boston on Sept 28th and 29th. (Facebook)


3. ROCK: The Demographic plays an increasingly un-rare acoustic set on Saturday, October 5th at Luthier’s Co-op in Easthampton, Massachusetts.

Come and say hello to me.

Transperformance 2013

This year’s Transperformance theme was BEYOND BOB: Cover songs by any musician or band with a member named Bob. I joined up with UNICORN as a rhythm guitarist for a fast 5 song Replacements set. Unfortunately, we lost our lead guitarist a week before the gig. BUT WE MUDDLED ONWARD! Muddled right into a rain storm at the outdoor Pines Theater at Look Park. No one got electrocuted or anything.

Nice and sloppy.

Thanks to Dan, Jeff, and Cher for the video-taking.

Boston Marathon Bombing: Tragedy Merch

After a terrible event like the Boston Marathon bombing, certain things are sure to occur:
1. People want to help by purchasing or selling things. We, as Americans, generally like to express ourselves through consumerism.
2. People want to display their grief/solidarity/regional pride.
3. People will generate merchandise at an incredible rate in order to fill the demand, quality be damned.
Now, some of the items below might have their proceeds donated to charity (like One Fund, for instance), which I think is awesome. I’m not delving into the motivation behind these items (though I figure some are more noble than others). I just want to look at ‘em for a sec. The internet and print-on-demand allows for entire product lines to be created with just a few clicks. I think occasionally, we should pause and take a look at what’s being pumped out. (more…)

New Orleans, 1995

In February of 1995, I took an unplanned trip to New Orleans. It was unplanned in the sense that I did not have a plan. I’ve always had a bad memory, and I figure it’ll do nothing but get worse from here on out, so I’ve decided to try and write down what I can recall. (more…)

No-Shadow Kick — Spatializing Sound In The Time Domain (2005)

The third and final CD by the mysterious The No-Shadow Kick, released back when I foolishly thought eclecticism was some sort of virtue. Ho-ho-ho. This album has something for everyone, and therefore probably something for everyone to hate, too. (more…)


After periodically thinking it’d be a cool thing to do, I finally dragged my old turntable upstairs and set it up in my office. Records! LPs! Wax! Vinyl! Whatever-you-calls-‘em. I’m excited to have this often-ignored part of my music collection back at my fingertips. Hopefully it’ll encourage me to not sit like a lump in this chair for hours at a stretch. I commemorated my first day of listening by picking up a few 12″s at Turn It Up!.


Letter To The Editor

I am disappointed (and frankly appalled) that in this day and age, your puritanical editorial tendencies would cause you to “creatively edit” today’s Family Circus with an “accidental” ink smear. (more…)

Local News Team Breaks Big Story


Graphic Designer Annoyance

Graphic Designer Annoyance: Putting a stroke around text because somebody doesn’t think there’s enough contrast between text color and background color.

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