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Old Band Flyers

I was in three gig-playing bands previous to The Demographic: TALLER THAN gOD (early 90s), HAPPY (mid 90s), and then The No-Shadow Kick (1998-2007). I used to make all the gig posters, because making the flyers was more fun than playing the shows. Funny thing was, I never put a whole lot of effort into making them (as you will surely see in the images below). I’m definitely not posting these because I’m proud of them, that’s for sure. I post them as my own little visual record of the non-existent music scene of early ’90s Haverhill, Mass. and the actually-pretty-cool Northampton music scene of the late ’90s/early aughts. Continue reading

Clowny: A Pictorial History

Clowny. A man? A myth? A pop culture icon or simply a scary disembodied clown head? Or as a painting instructor in college once commented to me, “It looks like two sunny side up eggs, a bun, and a smiling sausage on a plate”? Probably none of those things. Much has been written and postulated about Clowny over the years, all of it by me. Let’s take a vainglorious and introspective look back at this deformed reject that has been quietly populating my comics for untold decades. Well, three. I guess around about three. Decades. Continue reading


Here’s a two-page comic/story monster tale that appeared in the Styles section of the Boston Phoenix a-ways back in October, 1996. It’s a story I wrote in college and it’s illustrated by the ever-talented Mister Reusch, who 100% nails the mood. I’ve always liked it. It’s got good tempo and a good payoff. Apparently, I used to know how to write. HO HO HO. Continue reading

Evidence of Failure: My College Photography Class

I took one photography class at MASSART. Probably in like… 1991? 1992? I never enjoyed the process of developing and printing. Didn’t like being so precious about wasting film. Never learned f-stops and aperture stuff. Didn’t learn much at all, really, except that I didn’t want to take another photo class. Not to say I didn’t/don’t enjoy photo-taking, it just became very apparent that I wasn’t cut out for the medium as an art form. Continue reading

BUGHAUS (unpublished comic, 1995)

Bughaus was a sort of crappy story I expended a lot of effort on and ultimately abandoned. It was a reworking of the original “Bughouse” story I started in MassArt’s Don’t Shoot It’s Only Comics anthology. I built it around a new main character (his name was DICK) and wrote a bafflingly complicated and unfunny story arc. I was so desperate to simply produce something…anything… I cranked this little fucker out in mostly ballpoint pen. There are a handful of funny jokes in here, but it is mostly a fine example of… I dunno… lack of talent? Maybe someday I’ll scan it and post the whole thing up here, just to embarrass myself and amuse a few 11-year old boys. For now, here’s a 1-page taste. Peep that skill-level. ::cringe::

FORTY-3 (comic anthology, 1992-94)

From 1992 to 1994, I was the editor of this fine, lo-fi school-funded anthology at Massachusetts College of Art (MassArt). It was nightmarish and sort of fun. The name FORTY-3 apparently lived on for at least a short while after I left… maybe the incoming freshmen didn’t realize that I’d made up the name and thought it was some thing “official”, I dunno. Continue reading

TALLER THAN gOD – Stare Into Me (1993)

A music video project I made back in ’93 or so for a class at Mass Art. The song is my old band TALLER THAN gOD, and the video is sort of boring (but sort of neat looking too) footage of Josh, re-videotaped off of a screwed up TV set. Some nice video feedback, too. The audio sync is all crazy and wrong.

TALLER THAN gOD – Bucket (1993)

A video editing project I made at Mass College of Art back in 1992 or 93. It’s just lots of random footage of my old band TALLER THAN gOD. I don’t know why it’s called Bucket. Lots of video feedback and bad cuts. Features a poor rendition of the Fat Albert theme song and an original song called “Suburban White Boy Funk”. It’s not really that entertaining, but various haircuts and pants amuse me. Some of the camera work is by Joe K.

Bughouse (comic, 1991-1994)

Bughouse was a serialized ‘funny’ science fiction comic that ran in the MassArt comic anthology (first in Jef Taylor’s Don’t Shoot! It’s Only Comics, and later under my editorial fist at FORTY-3). It featured some terrible, somewhat embarrassing artwork, some great side characters, and a relatively uninteresting main character named Dexter. I have all the original bristols (yeah, that’s right… pen and ink on bristol board! What a waste of, uh, pens and ink and bristol) in the back of my closet, so maybe someday when I am under house arrest or beset with some sort of sickness, I will scan in a few pages and post ’em here.