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It’s Mike Watt Day.

Random Internet Things From The Internet 38

A recurring feature in which I present a collection of miscellaneous crap err, interesting things to look at that I have lovingly and carefully curated for your enjoyment. For some of these entries, I may have spent upwards of four minutes cutting and pasting a URL and possibly I have thought of a short essay to accompany it. I hope you appreciate my efforts. (more…)

25 Links I Haven’t Looked At Yet

When I find things online that I like & I think they’re worth sharing, I usually collect ‘em into installments of Random Internet Things From The Internet, but due to busy days and an effort to limit my Unfocused Internet Perusing, I’ve ended up with a backlog of stuff to look at. So, in a similar vein to 50 Books I Haven’t Read Yet, here’s a bunch of stuff that seems potentially interesting, but I haven’t actually watched/read/downloaded any of them yet. I encourage you to look at this junk and tell me if it’s worth my time. Ho-ho. (more…)

No-Shadow Kick – Promo EP (2001)

This promotional disc, aptly titled Promo EP, was released in the fall/winter of 2001 – an odd fucking thing to be scrambling to finish in the aftermath of 9/11, but well, that’s what we were doin’. Josh had moved away and Shawn and I were trying to figure out if we were a band, a recording project, or a lost cause. This EP was an attempt to combine a holiday single with two new songs, and still have it work as a cheapo promotional item for our first album, 1999’s Basement Make Out Party. (more…)