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Movies & TV Notes, July-December 2018

Brief notes on just about everything I watched from July to December 2018. Read more reviews.

A WRINKLE IN TIME (2018) — Distracting camera movement. Precocious brother. Completely useless side-boy. A plot climax so anticlimactic, I literally didn’t realize it had occurred until it was over.

ALIENS VS. PREDATOR: REQUIEM (2007) — A really terrible montage of people getting murdered. Like, kids and pregnant women. A really charming rom-com. One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

ANCHORMAN — Required rewatch every couple of years.

FRED ARMISEN’S ‘STANDUP FOR DRUMMERS’ — When anti-humor becomes so anti- that you’re just watching a dude fiddle around with drums for an hour because someone said he could. Continue reading

Movies & TV Notes, January-June 2018

Brief notes on just about everything I watched from January to June 2018. Read more reviews.

ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN (1976) – A good double-feature with 2017’s The Post. Hoffman and Redford play some sort of unlikeable dudes. At least in the ‘film protagonist’ sense. Colorful desks and chairs. Jason Robards is no Tom Hanks.

ANNIHILATION (2018) – Really beautiful design. The plot was really simple. I think I liked it.

THE ARTIST IS PRESENT (2012) – A dedicated and interesting artist I knew pretty much nothing about other than whatever broke through my social media bubble back in 2010. Overall a very good doc.

ATLANTA (s1 & s2) – Presented as a straight drama, making all the humor and strange surreal bits hit even harder. Really well done show. Donald Glover & Lakeith Stanfield are both killing it. The free piano episode is some amazing bizzonkers shit, for real. Continue reading

Movie & TV Notes, July-December 2017

Brief notes on just about everything I watched from July to December, 2017. Read more reviews.

A CHRISTMAS CAROL (1984) – If two beings were to represent the extremities of the talent spectrum, George C. Scott would sit on one end and that shite Tiny Tim would sit on the other.

AZIZ ANSARI’S BURIED ALIVE (2013) – A good set. ‘Dating in the city’ isn’t really my genre, but a good set.

AZIZ ANSARI’S MADISON SQUARE (2015) – Too many crowd polls via clapping.

ARE YOU HERE – It’s as if Zach Galifianakis and Owen Wilson and Amy Poehler all filmed their scenes separately, reading from different scripts, and then the Mad Men guy just sorta edited together a movie on his laptop. Terrible soundtrack.

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (season 3) – is not as good as seasons 1 and 2. Continue reading

Movie & TV Notes, January-June 2017

Brief notes on just about everything I watched from January to June 2017. Read more reviews.

A SPECK OF DUST – Sarah Silverman’s latest Netflix standup special. The story about her sister in the bathroom is very moving.

ARENA – Space fighting on a space station.

ARRIVAL – Good science fiction. Went in with low expectations and really enjoyed it.

BABY MAMA – Sometimes I forget that Tina Fey is not Liz Lemon and I am sad when reminded. I think I saw this when it came out? Dead boring; bad acting, gave up twenty minutes in. Is there a baby in it?

BASKETS (s2) – Chip seems to be becoming less of the main character, and less interesting. I still laughed a lot, and Louie A. is great, but the show seems to be drifting a bit in a way I might not stick with. Continue reading

Movie Review: Cherry 2000 (1987)

Here’s a film review of Cherry 2000, which I wrote way-back-when for the noshadowkick.com website (this should not be confused with the Boston band Cherry 2000, which was blessed with excellent cover art by Mister Reusch). I’m posting it here because my friend Kustom Kitten was just live-tweeting a viewing of the film, and I was flooded with blurry VHS memories of this bona fide film classic. So, now, in 2012, please enjoy this movie review I wrote in 2001 for a movie from 1987 with the year 2000 in the title even though it was set in the year 2017… Continue reading

My Kung Fu Movie Reviews From A Decade Ago

I had a sickness in the early aughts, and that sickness was watching bootlegged VHS dubs of mid/late 90s Hong Kong kung fu, mostly of the Jet Li, Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh, Donnie Yen variety. It was a time when these movies were relatively rare and hard-to-find—sometimes lousy quality, often sold under several different names, often poorly subtitled. These are not the best movies, nor the worst. They’re just the ones I could get my hands on at the time. Continue reading