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Music Videos I Think Are Really Nice

MUSE – KNIGHTS OF CYDONIA (2006)Directed by Joseph Kahn – Cowboys, kung-fu, sci-fi, 60s/70s execution. Superimposed hawks. A chrome-bikini-clad woman on a unicorn with a magical CD. Dirtbikes. Droids. Band-as-hologram. This thing is amazing. It’s not too often I see a music video and actually get jealous that I didn’t make it. There is an uncensored version on the director’s website, but honestly his site has to much Flash-wankery for me to bother with.

PETER, BJORN & JOHN – YOUNG FOLKS (2006) – Directed by Ted Malmros – This video successfully compliments the song. Which, you know, should be the goal of all video makers, but most sorta miss the mark. But this works. It’s cute and eye-catching and plain ol’ apt. It fits, damn it. I think the limited animation approach mostly succeeds, though there a few times I feel like they’re rehashing the same clips a few too many times. The art style itself is great. Simple, clean, good color palette.

GORILLAZ – CLINT EASTWOOD (2001)Art by JC Hewlett – Christ, I think I could put the Gorillaz in like, every category I’ve made here. They’re just awesome. Most everything they release is just so goddamned quality. But it all started with this video (maybe. I think. Right? I’m no goddamned Gorillaz historian.) and I think it still stands as one of the best animated videos I’ve ever seen. I mean, I’m still in love with the song, too. So that sure don’t hurt.