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Quotes, Part Three

I’ve always been a quote-collector. Scribblin’ ’em down in my notebook or CTRL+Cin’ ’em, and inevitably doing nothing with them except dumping them into the ol’ WordPress draft folder. I collected a bunch into a blog post in 2011, and another one in 2012, and it appears that I’ve backlogged another murder of quotes. So here they are. Read them. Continue reading

Firsts: Music

We are a consumer culture, and occasionally we can look back on purchases as sentimental or even meaningful milestones in our shallow empty lives. HO HO! A thread on Gigposters got me thinkin’ about music stuff, so here’s some music stuff: Continue reading

Why Don’t I Hate “Red Solo Cup”?

I do not like Toby Keith. I think he’s a complete turd. I think his songs are audio turds. I think his entire career is a densely-packed pile of turds. I’m not a fan of modern pop country music, but in recent months ‘Red Solo Cup’ has infiltrated my taste bubble a handful of times. And my reaction surprised me: I didn’t think it was terrible. Continue reading

The Demographic: The Headliner video

Now that The Demographic’s new video for “The Headliner” is finally done, I’ll briefly review some of the technical aspects of the production. I’ve had this project floating around unfinished in the background of my to-do lists since… oh Christ, May, I think? So though I am extremely proud of it, I’m also quite prepared to archive it and stop thinking about it for forever. Continue reading

9 Unrelated Statistics

As a few of you know, I’m always walking around with a crappy CVS notebook in my pocket, scribbling down ideas for my comic, or maybe copying a quote out of a book, or, more often than not, making unreadable to-do lists to offset my lousy memory. Another thing I like to jot down is weird/interesting (well, to me) statistics, facts & figures, and what-have-ya. Continue reading

The Demographic: Backyard Recording Session

Sturgis and I pulled out a bunch of recording stuff into the backyard back in July and hit “GO” and started going. I had a big notion of doing lots of different takes and camera angles, but when it came time to edit everything together, syncing stuff up proved to be a big hassle. So ‘Trends+Markets’ got the multi-camera edit, but I was too aggravated to do the same on the cover of Nirvana’s ‘Drain You’. Which is fine by me. Continue reading