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Random Old Songs (1994-2007)

POP QUIZ ASSHOLE From “The Vaults” – Here’s an, uh, ‘audio tribute’ I cut together after The Matrix came out. RUN DMC + German Porn music = Magic. (1:34 – June, 2001)

STANDING AT THE CROSSROADSAnother one from the pile of old cassette mixdowns… an 8-track (ADAT) song from the mid-nineties. I was wearing my influences on my sleeve for this one, for sure. Very wanna-be Nick Cave/Tom Waits. I used to really like this sort of genre-mimicking, then I was embarrassed by it, and now I accept it as being a fine exercise and not much else. The screaming at the end is pretty funny. (3:52 – 1996-ish)

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