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Nice Local Poster

A nice local gig poster I just grabbed off a wall. This 2-color screenprint for Purity Supreme—some goddamned dance party thing I would otherwise not care about at all—is pretty rad. So here I am telling you about it on the Internet. The power of advertising!

(Extra points for re-appropriating the old Purity Supreme logo)

Don’t know the artist, but good job!


Here is the official poster for the cult video HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT (for reasons involving metal and yelling, I insist to myself that the title always be written in all-caps). This poster captures the very essence of the Maryland Judas Priest tailgating experience, circa 1986, in two mind-blowing dimensions! As a long-time fan who once possessed his very own x-th generation VHS dub of this classic, I’m fairly stoked to have my poster design be all official-like. IT BELONGS ON FUCKIN’ MARS, MAAAAN.

Purchase a digital print directly from the artist. Also available on Etsy.

HMPL-det1 HMPL-det2 HMPL-det3 HMPL-det4