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Just got my Blu-Ray & poster for the Arrested Development Documentary Project. It was many years in the making. Finally feels done. Cool seeing my artwork on all the stuff. Good job, Jeff & Neil!


Sunday, Oct 9th at Artifacts 20th Century in Florence, 6:30 pm. A fundraiser for Bill Dwight’s Councilor At Large campaign with Bill, Jaz Tupelo, and Bill Childs hosting in a MST3K-ish way and Henning Ohlenbusch opening with songs about movies. $10-$25 sliding scale. The Facebook event page is right here. I made the poster.

The Unusable Poster

Here’s a flyer I made for an upcoming rock show for The Demographic. (more…)

Nice Local Poster

A nice local gig poster I just grabbed off a wall. This 2-color screenprint for Purity Supreme—some goddamned dance party thing I would otherwise not care about at all—is pretty rad. So here I am telling you about it on the Internet. The power of advertising!

(Extra points for re-appropriating the old Purity Supreme logo)

Don’t know the artist, but good job!

Cassetticut: The Old School State

This week’s Optimist comic, CASSETTICUT, has a few merch related type things available. The cassette/Connecticut image is available on ETSY and on The Opt’s store page.

Young@Heart Chorus event poster

Hey I made a poster. The Young@Heart Chorus is puttin’ on a show with LuxDeluxe and Spouse to benefit local non-profits CISA and Safe Passage.


Heavy Metal Parking Lot Official Poster

Here is the official poster for the cult video HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT (for reasons involving metal and yelling, I insist to myself that the title always be written in all-caps). This poster captures the very essence of the Maryland Judas Priest tailgating experience, circa 1986, in two mind-blowing dimensions! As a long-time fan who once possessed his very own x-th generation VHS dub of this classic, I’m fairly stoked to have my poster design be all official-like. IT BELONGS ON FUCKIN’ MARS, MAAAAN.

If you’d like, you can buy an 11″x17″ digital print on ETSY.

HELL yeah.

HMPL-det1 HMPL-det2 HMPL-det3 HMPL-det4

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend coffee art print

This 2-color 10×20 screen print (plus sticker) is for sale on ETSY. If you’re a local (western Massachusetts) and would like to bypass shipping costs, this print is also available at the brick-and-mortar FOE store on Main Street in Northampton. (more…)