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Movie Poster Design Trope: The Yin-Yang

“Hey, guys. I’ve got a great layout idea for a movie poster…”

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Interesting side note: The man is always upside-down.

Can you recall any others? Send me links. This is very important stuff!

Random Internet Things From The Internet 50

A collection of miscellaneous crap err, interesting things to look at that I have lovingly and carefully curated for your enjoyment. (more…)

The Demographic – Valentine’s Day

A week from today:
The Demographic: Watch our videos.
Tigress: Listen to ‘em on their ReverbNation page.
four SIDS
The Nice Try: Here’s a New York Dolls cover.
DJ e-bomb
Burlesque from Bettysioux Tailor: Check out her Facebook page, or find her on YouTube.

Tuesday, Feb 14, The Elevens, Northampton, Mass.

See the flyer

Old Band Flyers

I was in three gig-playing bands previous to The Demographic: TALLER THAN gOD (early 90s), HAPPY (mid 90s), and then The No-Shadow Kick (1998-2007). I used to make all the gig posters, because making the flyers was more fun than playing the shows. Funny thing was, I never put a whole lot of effort into making them (as you will surely see in the images below). I’m definitely not posting these because I’m proud of them, that’s for sure. I post them as my own little visual record of the non-existent music scene of early ’90s Haverhill, Mass. and the actually-pretty-cool Northampton music scene of the late ’90s/early aughts. (more…)

Stunt Design

There’s an insidious monster whispering in the ears of amateur illustrators and designers, haunting Twitter feeds and blogs and tumblrs across the web. It isn’t an art movement or anything, it’s an internet trend. I have come to refer to it in my head as Stunt Design.

Stunt Design, n. The phenomenon of designers & illustrators creating gimmicky graphics purely in the hopes of ‘going viral’ on pop culture/arts blogs. (more…)

INTERVIEW: Crewkoos Rock Poster Artists

An interview with a French poster art blog. See the original post at Crewkoos Rock Poster Artists Interviews. My poster art can be seen in my portfolio and on ETSY.
Tom Pappalardo (Standart Design) (US)
Graphic designer and illustrator since 1995 or so, Tom Pappalardo is rubnninbg Standart Design which had received the honnor of featuring in the new Gigposters book. Is this the only reason why Standart design is today featuring on the blog ? Certainly not as working for bands like Built To Spill, Clutch, Ween, Neko Case, Mission Of Burma, High On Fire, Mike Doughty, Bob Mould, My Morning Jacket is alreadu THE good reason. (more…)

Marketing Innovation: The No-Gig Poster

Yes, that’s right, Mister or Miss Designer! You heard right! I have blazed a bold new path in music marketing, the NO-GIG POSTER. (more…)

Addendum: More Minimalist Shallow Bullshit

Here are a few additional comments regarding my post Poster Design: Minimalist Shallow Bullshit. (more…)

Typeface: Classic Typography for Contemporary Design (2009)

Here’s a book that I’ve got a piece in (I’m told the cover of Broken Lines. Thanks, Adam!). I signed release papers for it way back in 2008 and I guess it was released in July 2009 under a different name, but no one told me, and by then I’d completely forgotten about it anyway. A Note To Publishers: It seems to me that notifying contributors that a book they’ve contributed to has been published would be a great way to get some word-of-mouth marketing. Another handy idea: Free contributor copies. They’re worth it!

UPDATE: I just was perusin’ at Barnes and Noble and discovered that not only is the book still available, it’s still a whopping $45, and I have four pieces in it. So Wooo-hooo to that. The work included is the cover of Broken Lines, my Stereolab poster, my Mission Of Burma poster, and my CD cover design for Ricky Lee Robinson’s Secret Love Tricks. The book also contains some nice work from strawberryluna and Jason Munn of The Small Stakes, among many others.

Poster Design: Minimalist Shallow Bullshit

Every three or four weeks, I see a new link get passed around the comic/geek/design circles. It’s usually called something like “Movie/TV/Video Game Minimalist Posters” or “Some Fucking Stupid Shit Re-Imagined As Vintage Paperbacks” or “Look At All These Pop Culture References Reduced To Simple Colors And Shapes” or what the fuck ever. (more…)