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Gigposters Volume 2 (2011)

I have two pages of artwork in this lovely and imposing book by super-cool Canadian person Clay Hayes. 11×14″ inches of rock mixed with 208 pages of roll published by Quirk Books. The work I’ve got featured: The New Pornographers (full page), Mission Of Burma, Farm Aid 2006, Melvins, and Stereolab. Some of the original prints are for sale on ETSY (except the Farm Aid one). It’s a great cross-section of artists working in a bunch of different styles. I recommend it (& Volume One, too!).

You can order either volume directly from Clay on the gigposters site, as well as peruse the overwhelming list of fantastically talented contributors.

Nice Local Poster

A nice local gig poster I just grabbed off a wall. This 2-color screenprint for Purity Supreme—some goddamned dance party thing I would otherwise not care about at all—is pretty rad. So here I am telling you about it on the Internet. The power of advertising!

(Extra points for re-appropriating the old Purity Supreme logo)

Don’t know the artist, but good job!

Bart’s Tabletop (2004)

2-color screenprinted tabletop (with spraypainted white ‘spot color’ and many coats of high-gloss polyurethane). Printed by Ian Davis.

This was for a special thing Bart’s Ice Cream (Northampton, MA) did to get some local art into the place. After they closed, this table got sold off to a different downtown store (“Just Because”, I think? WTF was that place, anyway? Snakeskin pants and belt buckles or some shit?), where it slowly got the crap kicked out of it for a few years out on their sidewalk smoking seating area. A while after I took this photo, the weather & abuse really got to it and the top snapped in half. Disappeared shortly thereafter. Click to see the full design.

CLOWNY Art Print (2004)

A large and menacing 23×23 3-color silkscreened art print. 150 lb paper cardstock – Limited numbered edition of 120. Printed by Diesel Fuel Prints. “That clowny print is amazing…its totally surreal pop art.”- Frank Kozik See larger image. Available for sale in on ETSY.