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Gigposters Volume 2 (2011)

I have two pages of artwork in this lovely and imposing book by super-cool Canadian person Clay Hayes. 11×14″ inches of rock mixed with 208 pages of roll published by Quirk Books. The work I’ve got featured: The New Pornographers (full page), Mission Of Burma, Farm Aid 2006, Melvins, and Stereolab. Some of the original prints are for sale on ETSY (except the Farm Aid one). It’s a great cross-section of artists working in a bunch of different styles. I recommend it (& Volume One, too!).

You can order either volume directly from Clay on the gigposters site, as well as peruse the overwhelming list of fantastically talented contributors.

Nice Local Poster

A nice local gig poster I just grabbed off a wall. This 2-color screenprint for Purity Supreme—some goddamned dance party thing I would otherwise not care about at all—is pretty rad. So here I am telling you about it on the Internet. The power of advertising!

(Extra points for re-appropriating the old Purity Supreme logo)

Don’t know the artist, but good job!

The New Pornographers Printing Process Photos

Pittsburgh’s very own strawberryluna.com did a world-class job printing these posters, as well as photographing these photographs.


See more photos

Look Me In The Eye: Printing Process Photos

Allison over at Pennsylvania’s own strawberryluna.com printed these babies for me a month or two ago, and I’m finally getting around to posting a few of the photos she so kindly took with her mobile device.

Oh, that doesn't look toxic AT ALL.
See more photos

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend coffee art print

This 2-color 10×20 screen print (plus sticker) is for sale on ETSY. If you’re a local (western Massachusetts) and would like to bypass shipping costs, this print is also available at the brick-and-mortar FOE store on Main Street in Northampton. (more…)

MASSA-FUCKIN’-CHUSETTS! Art print (2008)

15×19 art print, 3-color, limited edition of 65. If you like (or hate) Massachusetts, and love (or hate) posters, then this is the poster for you (or your worst enemy). Printed by strawberryluna. Click to see the full design. Please buy one.

Available for sale on ETSY.

MELVINS poster process

The Melvins, Pearl Street Nightclub, Northampton, Mass – Oct 11, 2006 –
2-color silkscreen, 15×22, edition of 150. Part of the Official Melvins Tour Poster Series Thing.
Printed by strawberryluna / photos by strawberryluna.
Available for sale on ETSY.


MONKEY! Art print (2006)

A cool comic monkey design. He seems somewhat angry or possibly perplexed. 2-color screenprint available exclusively at philaarts.com. See larger image.

Bart’s Tabletop (2004)

2-color screenprinted tabletop (with spraypainted white ‘spot color’ and many coats of high-gloss polyurethane). Printed by Ian Davis.

This was for a special thing Bart’s Ice Cream (Northampton, MA) did to get some local art into the place. After they closed, this table got sold off to a different downtown store (“Just Because”, I think? WTF was that place, anyway? Snakeskin pants and belt buckles or some shit?), where it slowly got the crap kicked out of it for a few years out on their sidewalk smoking seating area. A while after I took this photo, the weather & abuse really got to it and the top snapped in half. Disappeared shortly thereafter. Click to see the full design.

CLOWNY Art Print (2004)

A large and menacing 23×23 3-color silkscreened art print. 150 lb paper cardstock – Limited numbered edition of 120. Printed by Diesel Fuel Prints. “That clowny print is amazing…its totally surreal pop art.”- Frank Kozik - See larger image. Available for sale in on ETSY.