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After periodically thinking it’d be a cool thing to do, I finally dragged my old turntable upstairs and set it up in my office. Records! LPs! Wax! Vinyl! Whatever-you-calls-‘em. I’m excited to have this often-ignored part of my music collection back at my fingertips. Hopefully it’ll encourage me to not sit like a lump in this chair for hours at a stretch. I commemorated my first day of listening by picking up a few 12″s at Turn It Up!.


A Selection Of Recent Print Work

Oh, the jet-set life of the self-employed! I’ve been keeping busy and hustlin’ to pay off our recent house remodeling project. On the multimedia front, there’s been a bunch of animation work and even some audio/radio work, but I’m not posting any of that because I’m lazy. Instead, here are a few of the freelance print projects I’ve been working on for the last few months. Continue reading

Clowny: A Pictorial History

Clowny. A man? A myth? A pop culture icon or simply a scary disembodied clown head? Or as a painting instructor in college once commented to me, “It looks like two sunny side up eggs, a bun, and a smiling sausage on a plate”? Probably none of those things. Much has been written and postulated about Clowny over the years, all of it by me. Let’s take a vainglorious and introspective look back at this deformed reject that has been quietly populating my comics for untold decades. Well, three. I guess around about three. Decades. Continue reading

Local Stuff!

Quite a bit of my graphic design work is for national clients & faraway clients I meet online, but I also like to keep my designing hand in the local scene. Here’s some work I’ve done for a bunch of great local independent Northampton/western Massachusetts businesses in the latter half of 2011. They are my Pioneer Valley homies, and I love working with ‘em, and I love their products/places/causes. I believe the kids today call this a “shout-at.” Major propellers and shout-ats to the 413, you-all! Continue reading

Turn It Up?

I’ve gotten a few random comments from New Englanders that a Foxwoods Casino promotion had lifted/ripped off/whatever my logo for Turn It Up CDs. I saw it and kind of get their point, but I’m still a little on the fence about it. I am either offended or complimented or it’s just coincidence. Not sure. It’s pretty easy to find similarities in almost anything. Sort of like numerology. Ho ho ho! Anyway, here are some screen grabs of the Foxwoods graphics Continue reading

INTERVIEW: The Bill Dwight Show

I recently sat down in the studio bunker of The Bill Dwight Show podcast to take part in a free-wheeling conversation with Bill Dwight and Jaz Tupelo about my comicking. Comimickry. Cartoonering? Errr, about a wide ranging variety of topics. By my reckoning, I only say three or four outright stupid things. Not too shabby, really. On par with my regular average of dumbness. Continue reading



Turn It Up! fake album covers, used as gift certificates (offset cardsslipped inside free CD jewel case). This was a wicked fun project.Genre-mimicking is one of my favorite past times. Click covers for larger image.