Old Band Flyers

I was in three gig-playing bands previous to The Demographic: TALLER THAN gOD (early 90s), HAPPY (mid 90s), and then The No-Shadow Kick (1998-2007). I used to make all the gig posters, because making the flyers was more fun than playing the shows. Funny thing was, I never put a whole lot of effort into making them (as you will surely see in the images below). I’m definitely not posting these because I’m proud of them, that’s for sure. I post them as my own little visual record of the non-existent music scene of early ’90s Haverhill, Mass. and the actually-pretty-cool Northampton music scene of the late ’90s/early aughts.


Dave Coppola – guitar / Jim Felker – drums / Josh Gilb – vocals / me – bass

TALLER THAN gOD at The Empire Theatre, Manchester, NH. The first flyer I ever made, for the first legitimate rock show I ever played. January 2, 1993. Video evidence.

TTg was blessed with a lead singer whose dad worked in a copy center. Most of our flyers were full-color. It was a pretty cool show.

Our first stadium show. Ha.

Recycling stuff from the ol’ MASSART life drawing sketchbook, I guess. (1993)

Recycling stuff from the ol’ MASSART painting class, I guess.

This art was from a comic strip I was doing at the time. That is Death Incarnate and His Death Steed, Tony. I feel like Edible Rex may have been the first real grown-up bar gig we played.


Shawn Reynolds – drums / Josh Gilb – guitar/vocal / me – bass

Maybe HAPPY’s first show? Points given for actually making a prop, photographing it, and using it for a flyer. Points deducted for the whole thing being terribly boring.

Haverhill American Legion Hall, 1994. This girl always seemed so… well, happy. Yes, I used to make work under the name Bible Society Of Holland. What of it?

That poor toy monkey.

Thanksgiving Eve, the holiest of holidays. An invitation to a party. (1994)

That checkerboard pattern was the cover of a groovy disco-themed portable record player I had when I was a kid. When the player broke, I hacked the top off it and carried it around with me for many years. The inside cover had another groovy graphic which I later butchered for a Ween poster.

HAPPY moves to western Massachusetts. The Lava Lounge at Club Metro, now known as Divas? How can you not remember this? This is a pretty terrible drawing. I don’t like it.

The Baystate! Club Metro! I can’t believe we played two shows so close together! It’s practically a tour. Making this flyer was some bizarre method of printing the text out on a clear plastic sheet and laying it over the photo/background. Too much effort, too little result.


Earlier: Shawn Reynolds – drums / Josh Gilb – guitar/vocal / me – bass
Later: Shawn Reynolds – guitar / Sturgis Cunningham – drums / me – bass/vocals

Not really a gig poster, but a flyer introducing the name change. You know, because it was that important.

Our first show as “No-Shadow Kick,” with Cindy Bow and Kate O’Connor. We played on the sidewalk out in front of Mystery Train’s original location. A 2-color photocopy using Kinko’s awesome old analog photocopiers. I even put in a dot screen for Rockin’ Darth Vader’s voice balloon! (Amherst, Mass. 1998)

In my head, I’m sure I thought this was really ‘minimalist’ or something. It is in fact very boring. No type skills! (1999)

If you can’t read the text, click here. And speaking of no type skills, the thought of using The Price Is Right font sort of makes me shudder now. I’ve really grown and matured as a designer. NO REALLY

1. Back-to-back shows with The Strippers and The Inskirts. I have no recollection of this!
2. That photo is from the EFI Coffeehouse in Haverhill, MA.
3. My old Music Man Stingray bass! I almost sort of miss it.
4. These are actually okay looking poster layouts. An inkling of me starting to… oh I don’t know… try.

Two pleasant looking Salvation Army volunteers from some old brochure. A gig at the original Flywheel space. A terrible afternoon show.

w/ The Coopers and Hospital at The Baystate, Northampton Mass. I have no recollection of this show, but this is one of my favorite flyers, despite (or perhaps because of) it being a direct ripoff of a Rodchenko book cover. Another 2-color Kinko’s masterpiece. I cut down some newsprint and fed it though the machines for extra crappiness. (1999)

I’ve always been a firm believer that if you’re making the flyer, you’re the headliner. We played the small stage the same time Rahzel The Human Beatbox was on the main stage, and some stoned kid came up to us after and was all like “I loved all the scratching you guys were doing.” (2000)

Julie Newmar and a classy duct tape text edit. (2001)

One of my favorite analog photocopies. Lift original slightly off glass; press green button.

A mini-set (2 originals, 2 covers) we played at a Joe Strummer tribute show. This was NSK’s debut of Sturgis on drums and my debut as a bona fide lead singer. For Strummer songs, we played Techno D-Day and Clampdown. (xerox, 2003)

The only screen print I’ve ever had made for my own band, for the short-lived WORMFEST. So naturally, the venue changed as soon as I got them printed. Proudly displayed on The Demographic’s rehearsal space: Strawberryluna’s excellent test print.

The No-Shadow Kick – Block Island, RI. Our last show. Literally no one showed up. It was a fantastic set and we had a super-good time. (photocopy, 2007)

Super Special Bonus Flyer:
I played two or three shows with Jon Bartlett’s band GHOSTORY before officially deciding to give up bass.